Camera Overlay

Virtua Rasa supports a not quite live streamimg of images to help integrate table top games with remote players. It is not true video, updating at only one frame per second, but combined with perspective correction can allow remote players to more smoothly interact.

For Gamemasters who prefer to to lay out maps with tiles and minitures instead of graph paper or drawing software, another option is to use the camera and perspective correction to upload map images to the wiki for pure vitural games.

Setting Up A Camera Feed

Virtua Rasa's camera support uses your browser's multimedia support, so no special software installation is required. Choose the 'Cameras' link in the map titlebar to open a new window for camera control. This window will need to stay open to provide continuous updates. At the moment, each user may have only one camera feed per world.

Under the 'Local Cameras' section, there is a drop down of detected cameras, and a checkbox to enable one. Choose the desired camera and check the box to enable it. Depending on how your system is configured, you may be prompted to grant access to the camera. You should see a live feed from the camera appear.

Perspective Correction

Positioning a camera above a map so the squares in the raw image line up in Virtua Rasa appears to be almost impossible; we have never succeeded. That is why we added perspective correction. With perspective correction, camera position becomes quite forgiving. We have have gotten usable results at as much as a 45 degree angle (although minitures can start to look odd at that sharp of an angle).

To set up perspective correction, position the camera so the map is centered in the image and is as large as is feasible while not clipping the map. Set the control points by clicking on each of the four corners of the map. If the map is well centered, the software will be able to figure out which corner you have chosen. Near each corner of the image are text fields where you can fine tune the points if necessary. Enter the number of horizontal squares between the left and right control points, and vertical squares between the top and bottom. If you wish to include a bit of the surrounding table, check the option for a two square border. Finally, click the 'Set Correction' button. A corrected image will appear below, with a grid overlay so you can check alignment. If necessary adjust the control points and click 'Set Correction' again, unitl you are satisfied with the results.

There are two options to save camera images to your wiki. One for the uncorrected raw image, and the other for the perspective corrected image. The latter can be useful for bringing hand drawn maps into Virtua Rasa. Note that if there are already images of the name you enter, they will be overwritten.

Adding Feed to the map

In addition to uploading the camera images as ordinary images to the wiki, you can use our once per second update feature to provide a near live update of your map. Remote users will be able see the locations of minitures, and enter their desired moves in limited form of augmented reality.

The camera feed can be used directly as both the background for maps, and the icon for inanimate units. However, at the moment only inanimate units will be automatically updated. To use a camera feed, enter ':camera/username' as the background or custom icon, where 'username' is the username of the user who has turned on the camera. For inanimate units, you will want to set a custom size matching your camera. For example, if your map is 24 by 16 squares, enter a custom size of 24x16 (increase each number by four, to 28x20, if you have added the two square border).