Navigating the World

Panning and zooming the map works similar to most map applications. Click+drag or touch+drag will pan the map. The mouse wheel or touch pinch will zoom. There is also a navigation popup on the right sidebar that provides pan and zoom controls. Finally, the arrow keys will pan the map, and +/- zoom.

The simplest way to move a unit is to drag it. Click-drag or touch-drag to where you want the unit to be, and release. The unit will be moved in a straight line to that square.

If you want a more complex path, you can use waypointed movement. Double click or long press the unit you wish to move. Single click or touch various points of your path. Finally, double click or long press at your destination.

In the titlebar and the sidebar are a number of useful buttons and popus. Next to the world name is a popup to choose the map you wish to view. Next is a profile popup. From here you can access the all the world's units, maps, and players, the world's wiki, your profile page, and logout. The next is the camera button, which opens a page to set up a camera feed. The 'Clear Paths' button will remove various markup from the map. Finally on the right side of the titlebar are some round counter controls.

On the top of the sidebar is the units popup, which lists the active units of the current map. Next is the toolbox popup, for adding and removing terrain features. The toolbox is only usable by Gamemasters. In the middle is the navigation popup, where there are pan/zoom controls, and a restore button. The restore button resets the pan/zoom to the default for the current map. Below that is a setting popup for controling various features. Finally at the bottom is the chat popup, where you can text chat with the other players.

From left to right, the icons on the top are for:

  • Becoming a Premium member of Virtua Rasa, which will allow you more worlds and fewer limits upon your worlds,

Profile menu screenshot

  • The outline of a person in a circle pops open the profile menu:
    • “Profile” leads to your userpage
    • Wiki, where you can make notes about your world and upload images to use for units or terrain
    • “Forums” leads to our user forums, where you can meet other users, ask for help in our Customer Support forum, or have discussions with your players
    • Units
    • Maps
    • Players allows you to add other users to your world
    • Logout

Gamemaster Features

In the navigation popup, there are a couple Gamemaster options for managing the default view of a Map. The first, 'Save View', sets the current view as the default for the current map. Whenever someone switches to this map, this will be their starting view. The second 'Save & Set View', saves the view as above, then changes the view of everyone connected to the new view.

From top to bottom, the icons on the right are for:

  • Units
  • Toolbox can help you populate your map with terrain, labels, or buildings. (You can only use the toolbox if you’re a Game Master in the world.)
  • Map movement
  • Settings
  • The bottom right icon is for a chat pop-up that you can use to chat in real time with other players.