Terrain is indicated on the map by a combination of a map background, and inanimate units.

  • Map Backgrounds: Map Backgrounds are discussed in detail in the Adding Maps section below.

  • Toolbox: The Toolbox is a quick way to add some standard one square inanimate units. The Toolbox can be accessed by the popup below the unit list. There are a number of tiles to choose from. The color selectors at the top of the toolbox will recolor many of the tiles. The Toolbox takes over the pointing and drawing controls to edit terrain, so while the toolbox is open, pointing and drawing are disabled. The toolbox will ignore inanimate units larger than one square.

    • Shift-Click, Double-Click, and Long-Press will toggle the square. If the square is empty of medium or smaller inanimate units, the selected toolbox tile will be used. If there are any there, the square will be cleared.

    • Shift-Click-Drag and Long-Press-Drag continue the operation. If the first square was cleared, move will clear additional squares. If a tile was set, that tile will be set over additional squares.

  • Inanimate Units: Larger inanimate units are useful for custom terrain using images uploaded to your world's wiki. It is generally easiest to create a unit, adjust its size and position to where you want it, and change it to inanimate to lock it into place. See the Units section for more details.