Contact Us

Virtua Rasa is still undergoing heavy development, and unfortunately, bugs are bound to pop up. That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear about them, though.
Or maybe you have a question or a suggestion. We’re interested in that stuff too! (If you do send us suggestions, please remember that the Terms of Use grant us a non-exclusive and royalty-free right to them.)
If something broke, please fill in this form, explaining what happened, and what you think should have happened instead. If things are really messed up, and the form isn’t working, please email us at
If you’ve found a bug, please:
  1. Go back to the map tab or window
  2. Open the Javascript console, by pressing Control-Shift-i (or Option-Command-C on a Mac)
  3. Copy the contents of the console in the top panel
  4. Paste that below, along with any other information you want us to know
We try to fill this in your username for you, but maybe things are so broken that the system can’t figure it out. :-( Please add it if that happens. If you don’t have an account, just leave this blank.
The name of the game world can be found by hovering over the globe icon or in the URL. If your problem doesn’t involve a game world, just leave this blank.
We tried to fill this in too, but if we didn’t, please include your email so we can reply and let you know we fixed the problem.
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