About Virtua Rasa

We’re a couple of programmers and gamers who wanted a way to use AR with VTTs, so that we could keep playing games with friends around the country, and still use our collections of gaming accessories (painted miniatures, terrain, maps, …), so we built Virtua Rasa!

This website is the result of that effort, and it’s time to show it to other people and see how much better it can get!

We have a demo set up where you automatically get a temporary game token to get your feet wet, or you can make a free account, set up your own game, or play in someone else’s game!

What does Virtua Rasa cost?

Basic Access to Virtua Rasa is free. We’re trying to fund Virtua Rasa entirely with the community’s support! We don’t collect anything but your email address, and we don’t sell anyone’s personal information or send any unsolicited email — we only need your email to help you reset your password if you forget it.

What’s included with Premium Access?

You’ll get bigger maps, the ability to have more players in your games (including an extra GM to help you manage those players, and the ability to make your game private from the rest of the Internet — if Basic Access is playing at your FLGS, Premium Access is playing in your own living room. You also get free high-fives whenever you see us at conventions, and our heartfelt appreciation!

If you’re not running a game right now, you can still share the benefits of Premium Access with everyone else in your group!

What does Virtua Rasa do today?

We already have support for:

Some of the other things that make us different from the other virtual tabletops are:

Check out the demo and let us know what you think. We have more features we’d like to add, but we want to hear how people are using Virtua Rasa.


We‘ve recently rebuilt our dice roller to understand more complex rolls, improved token management, and started applying a fresh coat of paint to the user interface!

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