Virtua Rasa

We give you what you need to make them give it all they’ve got!

Upgrading your membership will let you create “Premium” worlds and upgrade your existing world to Premium.

The main screen of Virtua Rasa is the map, which can be accessed from your Profile page, or can be bookmarked for faster access.

Creating Units

Units popup

All newly created worlds start out empty.

To start playing, you’ll need to create some units. Click the button on the right side with six meeples units list icon on it.

The picture of the units pop-up has some units in it already, but your unit list will be empty until you’ve added some to the map.

Click the meeple with a plus on it new unit meeple. The most important parts here are the name, colors, icon, and size, and all of the fields are discussed in units.html. For now, choose whatever values you like for the unit, and then press the save save icon button. The unit will now appear in your list!

Doubleclick the name in the list, and the map will pan so that the unit is in view. Since you’re the Gamemaster, you can always edit or move all units. Drag the unit to wherever you like, and create as many as you need for your players and your first encounter!

Adding a Player

As mentioned above, your Profile page always contains all of the worlds to which you have access. A link called “Manage Players” appears in the “Units“ column for each world you own or for which you’re a Gamemaster. Click the link next to the world you just created.

Assigning Units

To let your players move or edit their tokens, you’ll need to assign it to them on the Units page. Click the profile profile icon icon and then on the “Units” link, which will open a new tab or window. Find the player’s unit in the list and press the edit edit icon button. In the panel on the right, scroll to the bottom, and click the appropriate boxes. Setting the “default” checkbox for a user means that their comments in chat will use that unit’s colors and name in chat. Setting the “Can Edit” checkbox will allow them to move the unit, change its icon and colors, and so on.

Next Step

Keep reading! The next section applies to you as well as to your players.

Next Steps

Go play a game!

If you have any questions, you can always get back to this manual with the book manual icon button in the titlebar of the application pages. Feel free to read the rest of the manual if you want an explanation of the user interface, or more details on how Virtua Rasa works.

1: The Gamemaster can create units on the map without revealing them to players, as discussed on the Units page.