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Current world: Taecninge
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Your Camera Feed for Taecninge

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Local Camera

Control Points

Click on the live camera image to improve the orientation of the received image (or enter values in the boxes near the corners of the image). If your camera is pointed at a map, clicking on grid intersections will help straighten the image.

If you see ? then your camera isn’t on or your browser isn’t letting us access it.

Corrections (optional)


Corrected Image (optional)

If you see ? then we haven’t gotten an image to correct yet. Press to send an image to us. If you only see a black rectangle then your browser is failing to load the camera properly.

corrected image
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Firefox sometimes suddenly refuses to send video. If this happens, you should try restarting it.

Note: Using the camera in another application or webpage, such as Skype or Google Hangouts, blocks Virtua Rasa from using it.