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Places (Towns, Cities, etc.) Regions (Countries, Provinces, etc.) People Words
Long NameShort Variant Long NameShort Variant Long NameShort Variant
Dungkrum KrungkrandenDungkrum Xrungdrung trem TrungkrunXrungdrung Krunxramtring trem TrungkingTrungking kringkongtrungkryng
Tringmrungtin GrândêngTringmrungtin Têmxronkran trem TrungkrâmTêmxronkran Xonkêngxryng trem SânxrimSânxrim kungtunkingtânsumsrung
SrengkonSrengkon Kromgamnung trem SrungkungKromgamnung Drung Kungkrung KangkungdungDrung Kangkungdung krêngmrungkangtungnram
MankromMankrom Gymtrongnrung KrêngdrungGymtrongnrung Krungding NungsromNungsrom tênsumxundum
XângmrunXângmrun Krungkrang TrângmrângKrungkrang Tung KrângdrymxamTung Krângdrymxam dangnruntêmdringkân
KromgungKromgung Nrondrung DrengdengNrondrung XringkrânXringkrân srontamgummên
TrungmrungTrungmrung Trungtrung MrângxungkumTrungtrung SengkrungtynSengkrungtyn kengtrângmramkreng
TanmrângTanmrâng Xromtrung XandringXromtrung Krêndrung trem SrâmtâmSrâmtâm nântonkamkram
KangkromKangkrom KenkingKenking Tyn KrangkrungTyn Krangkrung nrângkamkungkrong
GumkrengtrunGumkrengtrun SennimSennim TrynkunTrynkun kyngxungxongdrâng

Some Language Details


Reloading this page will generate a new set of names in the same language.

Sometimes the long name and the short name are the same. This is expected, and happens in many real languages as well.

You can change the to generate a different language.

About this Generator

This name generator is based on the name generator used in Uncharted Atlas. It has been rewritten in Rust, and modified to make the generated language reproducible for a given seed. The Rust code is also Open Source at namegen.

Our “languages” are based upon:

Note: This isn’t a complete artificial language — only nouns are generated.

A “morpheme” is the smallest unit of meaning of a language, which cannot be meaningfully divided into smaller parts. (Paraphrased from Webster’s 1913 Dictionary.)

The default seed is the language for the map matching your world’s name. (If a GM has’t changed it on the Manage Maps page, it will be same as the world’s name.) That language is used to suggest new names for maps. Each map’s language is then used to suggest names for new units in that map.
For example, some of the titles for nobility in the United Kingdom, from most to least common, are:
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